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WASHINGTON (WCTV) -- It's a new year and a new congress. Lawmakers returned to Washington with a long to-do list. Two new congressmen elected to represent Tallahassee's citizens have future plans of their own.

Tuesday, members of congress stood together as one united body.

It’s a family affair on Capitol Hill. Lawmakers taking the oath of office, being sworn in to the 115th Congress. Congressman Al Lawson says he is ready to get to work

"You got to get the campaign rhetoric behind you and then you got to see what is best for the American people, Rep. Lawson (D) says.

Lawson’s priorities are addressing student loan debt and creating jobs. He says he is prepared to work with Florida Governor Rick Scott, President-elect Trump and Republicans on Capitol Hill.

"I’m here to work with them on jobs. If you want to share in the American dream you gotta have a job," says Lawson.

Congressman Neal Dunn says there is momentum in the air and that he is ready to make America great again.

“I feel like the race is just about to begin. You have walked up to the starting line now and getting loosened up," says Rep. Dunn (R).

Dunn wants to get involved with transportation, space science, and agriculture issues and use his background as a doctor to help repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“I think it absolutely will happen. I don’t see how it doesn’t happen. In fact there is a very detailed plan laid out," he says.

It’s not the only plan in place. Lawmakers are rolling out an agenda – tax reform, border security, and infrastructure projects are on the top of the list.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence plans to travel to Capitol Hill Wednesday to meet with house Republicans about plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act.