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Yoho, Dunn have lunch in Live Oak

Suwannee Democrat

Jan 19 2017

LIVE OAK — Ted Yoho, U.S. Republican Representative for Florida District 3, and Neal Dunn, U.S. Republican Representative for Florida District 2, had lunch at the Dixie Grill in Live Oak on Tuesday to speak with their constituents.

Dunn will be replacing Yoho as Suwannee County’s representative in Washington after redistricting moved the county to District 2.

Suwannee and Lafayette counties were part of Yoho’s district before redistricting moved them into the 2nd District in last year’s election. Hamilton County, also in the 3rd District, was moved into District 5.

Yoho said he plans on working closely with Dunn in Congress and expects him to build off his work for Suwannee County. He said that he will still continue to visit the county and remember his former congressional district in D.C.

“They’re not just constituents, but friends, and the food is good, too,” Yoho said. “But it has been an honor and a privilege being your representative for these four years.”

Dunn said he looks forward to working with Yoho in Congress and with the new administration. He said they are listening to the people and excited about what they will accomplish.

Live Oak was just one stop on the representatives’ tour. They also visited Mayo, Fanning Springs and Lake City to thank residents there and recap past accomplishments.

At the Dixie Grill, Yoho took questions from some people in audience about the Sabal Trail Pipeline. Early last year, Yoho hiked through the woods with people against the pipeline to see the pipeline’s path.

He said that after looking into the matter, the pipeline people followed every regulation required by them to have the pipeline laid, and there was nothing more he could have done.