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DUNN: A Prescription For What is Ailing Our Nation

Panama City News Herald

Feb 06 2017

When the Affordable Care Act was debated, we were told Congress needed to “pass it to find out what was in it.”

And boy did we.

The implementation of Obamacare has been a record of broken promises and bad results.

President Obama told us the law would reduce everyone’s costs by $2,500 a year. Instead, premiums have skyrocketed by more than $4,300 on average across America. Premiums are set to rise another 17 percent in Florida this year.

President Obama told us that we could keep our doctor, but hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost their doctor and their health plan. Politifact called President Obama’s claim the “Lie of the Year.”

Families now often pay more for worse coverage, or face deductibles so high that it’s like not having health insurance at all.

The entire system is in a death spiral, with insurers pulling out of the market and more and more Americans losing their coverage and doctors each year.

In short, Obamacare was a cure worse than the disease.

House Republicans and President Trump have a better idea. Less bureaucracy, lower costs, more choice.

Our plan, which you can read at, permits insurance to be sold across state lines, boosting competition and patient-choice. Our plan allows small businesses to band together to get the same breaks as giant corporations. And real medical liability reform will improve the quality of care while lowering costs.

Our plan offers a refundable tax credit to help those without employer coverage buy insurance on the individual market, and it expands the use of health savings accounts. Americans will be able to purchase plans that better suit their needs, and more participation, particularly among younger people, will strengthen the market and lower costs for all.

Our plan offers real protections and peace of mind. Patients with pre-existing conditions will know they will not be denied coverage, insurers cannot cancel your plan when you get sick, and lifetime caps on coverage are banned.

Don’t for a second believe the scare stories of Americans waking up one morning without insurance coverage. It’s not going to happen. The transition from the current insurance system to the new one will be carefully managed, with no gaps in coverage.

Our goal is to have more Americans with better health insurance, more choices, and lower costs. I believe our plan is a better prescription for what is ailing our nation.