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Dr. Dunn Comments on President’s Tax Reform Remarks

Tax Cuts Will “Supercharge Our Economy and Create Jobs,” Lawmaker Says

Aug 30 2017

TALLAHASSEE – Congressman Neal Dunn, M.D. (FL-02), released the following statement regarding the President’s tax reform remarks in Missouri:
“The President’s speech was a call to action and an opportunity we cannot miss,” Dr. Dunn said. “President Trump and his allies in Congress are working together to pass the largest tax cut in American history. By lowering rates for American families, they can keep more of what they earn and save for the future. It’s their money in the first place, and they know how to save and spend it better than Washington does.
“By lowering rates for businesses of all sizes, we will supercharge our economy and create jobs. Tax cuts will raise tax revenue in short order by growing the economy. These reforms will also level the playing field for American companies facing global competition.
“We will close loopholes, get rid of red tape, and simplify the tax code. This will make the system fairer, simpler, and lower compliance costs for people and for businesses. Finally, we will make the IRS work for taxpayers again.
“There is widespread agreement that our outdated tax code is an anchor around the neck of our economy and that it lowers the quality of life in our communities. By passing the largest tax cut in American history and boosting our economy, we can deliver on the hopes and dreams of all those we are honored to represent.”