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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - To some he's a financial adviser, to others he's a dad, and to many he's a hero.

Friday night Noah King received the Carnegie Medal for Outstanding Civilian Heroism.

"Back in October 2016 I was coming back from an American Cancer Society kickoff rally that they were having. I didn't know exactly what it was on the side of the road but once I got out and started walking towards it, the car was on fire so I proceeded to walk down there and had to knock out the window and pull the young man out of the vehicle," said King.

King was one of 20 people who received the award across the nation and Friday surrounded by friends, family, and a congressman, he accepted his medal.

Congressman Neal Dunn presented the award and said, "This is a huge amount of fun for me and an honor to have a chance to recognize someone who has done something really selfless and heroic for a stranger."

The two also have differing opinions on what the word "hero" means to them.

"I think Panama City and Bay County is full of a whole bunch of heroes like him but he got a chance, he was tested and he passed with straight As," said Dunn.

King explained, "I spent five minutes doing something one time and then you have our first responders and police who do that on an every day basis and it's a very humbling experience to be called that and I only really accept it for my kids!"

King was officially given the award earlier this year but had to wait for the medal to be made and sent to Congressman Dunn's office before he could receive it.