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Congressman Neal Dunn (R-Panama City) is back on old stomping grounds; this time to meet Panama City patients receiving dialysis for kidney treatment.

Rep. Dunn visited the DaVita Dialysis Center to hear about access to better coordinated care with physicians on Tuesday morning.

"They actually see these patients already three times a week. And what they're trying to do is put them in a position to become de facto - the primary care physicians for the dialysis patients," said Dunn.

They want to expand patients' health care needs at the dialysis center, and coordinate with other Medicare providers.

Dunn, a former medical surgeon himself, also says President Trump's executive order to offer insurance across state-lines is needed. "I think it's commendable because the system is very, very broken, and he can't wait for the Senate to do its job. He has to take care of the patients, and by the way on the House side we're happy to see him do it. We think that's the right way forward," said Dunn.

There's also a debate that this move would push lowers costs, which could mean lower quality of care.

"Everybody that goes into medicine goes in to do the right thing. We want the quality. We're not here to sell bad medicine. In fact I think it's a lot better," said Dunn.

Caregivers at the DaVita Center have submitted a 'Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act' bill proposal to Congressman Dunn, and he plans to bring it back to Washington, D.C.

Dunn says although legislature has failed to pass new health care, they're now working to get patients in treatment they can afford.