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"The community really appreciates everything Dr. Dunn has done in congress. Especially the votes that he's taken and the issues that he's promoted in Washington D.C. and he's always been part of the economic development push for this area of the state," said Keith Williams, Marianna Resident.

Dr. Dunn made more than ten stops through out Jackson County to check in on some of the schools and small businesses.

Some of his stops included Cottondale High School, Chipola College, and Jims Steakhouse where he sat in with the Rotary Clubs weekly luncheon.

At his stops he discussed economic development with business owners and education and politics with teachers and students.

"We're all trying to lean forward, you know, and bring more business, more manufacturing to this part of the state; And we think we have a ll the infrastructure just here waiting to take care of anybody that will bring the right kind of jobs," said Rep. Neal Dunn.

Congressman Dunn donated books that his wife selected from the library of congress, to Cottondale High School when he stopped to visit.