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BAY COUNTY, Fl - The fate of the Federal Courthouse in Panama City is still up in the air.

But the Bay County Commission has a plan that they hope will keep the courthouse and the jobs that go with it, in Panama City.

Under the proposal, the Federal Courthouse would move from its current location on the city marina, into the Juvenile Courthouse on 11th Street. The County says it will then build a new Juvenile Courthouse.

Representative Neal Dunn threw his full support behind the proposal, delivering the county's resolution, a video tour of the Juvenile Justice Courthouse and his own letter of support, to the General Services Administration in Washington.

"The Bay County Commission really stepped up in a big way and they had the Chamber of Commerce Task Force, Dunn said, they combined and offered the Juvenile Court facility as the permanent home of the Federal Courthouse. To move over there and that really is a big generous move on their part."