Press Releases

WASHINGTON, DC – In a win for the military and our national defense, the $30 million Congressman Neal Dunn (FL-02) secured to accelerate improvements to the military training range in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico has been attached to must-pass legislation keeping the government open beyond December 22nd. Dr. Dunn introduced, and the House passed, his amendment for the $30 million dollars in July during consideration of the FY18 Department of Defense funding bill. The House is scheduled to send the bill to the Senate next week.  

Dr. Dunn’s amendment to the defense appropriations bill provides $30 million to accelerate the next step of the Gulf Range Enhancement Program. This is a previously approved project to improve test and training data collection on 5th and 6th generation weapons in the Joint Gulf Range Complex. The lack of adequate instrumentation along Florida’s mid and Southern Gulf coast restricts many missions to the northern portion of the range. The 96th Test Wing estimates that 80 missions annually are not conducted because of air space and infrastructure congestion.  
“The Gulf Range is a one of a kind treasure that provides our military with a robust training area,” Dr. Dunn said. “Nowhere else in the country does our military have the ability and area to carry out testing of state-of-the-art offensive technology. This important funding will ensure that upgrades are made to the Gulf Range promptly, further strengthening our military and national defense.”
Congressman Dunn’s amendment to the Department of Defense Appropriations bill previously passed the House in July.