Press Releases

WASHINGTON, DC – Dr. Neal Dunn (FL-02) released the following statement regarding the release of the Trump Administration’s tax reform plan outline:

“Florida families and small businesses have suffered long enough under the current tax code,” Dr. Dunn said. “The current code takes too much of what hardworking families earn and hurts job creation. It’s a compliance nightmare, full of complex rules and loopholes. President Trump’s pro-growth tax reform plan aims to bring much needed relief to individuals and businesses, simplify our complex tax code, and get our economy going again. I appreciate President Trump setting out a bold vision for tax reform.”

The Administration’s outline lowers individual, business, and investment tax rates; reduces the number of tax brackets; eliminates the “death tax” and the alternative minimum tax; changes the code to make American businesses more competitive against foreign countries; and simplifies tax filing rules. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said it is “the biggest tax cut and largest tax reform in history of this country.” 

“The House is working on a complete overhaul of the tax system, and President Trump’s plan is a broad outline of the great things we can accomplish this year,” added Dr. Dunn.