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Dr. Dunn’s Statement on Repealing and Replacing Obamacare

“This is our long-awaited chance to finally get rid of Obamacare” - President Donald J. Trump

May 04 2017

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Neal Dunn, M.D. (FL-02), today voted to pass the American Health Care Act, which repeals Obamacare and replaces it with a patient-centered system. 
“I do this today, as a doctor, for the good of my patients. We are following through on our promise to repeal Obamacare and replace it with reforms that lower heath care costs and expand access,” Dr. Dunn said. “Right now, Obamacare is failing. In one-third of the counties in the country, there is only one Obamacare insurance provider. Despite President Obama’s promises, the law has increased premiums and deductibles, and hardworking taxpayers have lost access to the doctors and health plans they preferred. For many Americans, deductibles are so high that it is like not even having health insurance at all.”

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) repeals Obamacare and replaces it with a patient-centered system designed to lower costs and expand choices. The bill eliminates Obamacare’s taxes, subsidies, and mandates that limit choice, drive up costs, and harm small businesses. The bill defunds Planned Parenthood. It ends Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion and puts the program on a budget, making it sustainable and accountable to the taxpayers who pay for it. AHCA is the largest entitlement reform in a generation. 

“The American Health Care Act fixes our broken health care system,” Dr. Dunn said. “Without Washington mandates that drive-up costs and limit access, Americans will have the freedom to obtain quality health plans that fit their needs at a cost they can afford.” 

The AHCA explicitly guarantees issuance of coverage and renewability of coverage, and keeps in place the prohibition on insurance companies from denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions. AHCA prevents insurance companies from raising premiums on individuals with pre-existing conditions who maintain continuous coverage. All of these protections remain the law. The bill states: “Nothing in this Act shall be construed as permitting health insurance issuers to limit access to health coverage for individuals with preexisting conditions.” 

Through a provision known as the MacArthur amendment, states can seek a waiver to substitute their own insurance rules for the 7 percent of Americans in the individual market. If those individuals maintain continuous coverage, their premiums cannot be increased due to a pre-existing condition. For those with pre-existing conditions who do not maintain their coverage, AHCA provides $8 billion specifically to reduce premiums and out-of-pocket costs. In addition, AHCA provides $130 billion through the Patient and State Stability Fund, which states can use to cut out-of-pocket costs like premiums and deductibles for those having trouble affording coverage. The MacArthur amendment does not apply to the 93 percent of Americans with employer-provided or government coverage (such as Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or VA benefits).