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Congressman Dunn Statement on Expanded, 39 Day Federal Snapper Season

“Common Sense Prevails for Florida’s Anglers,” Dr. Dunn Says

Jun 14 2017

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Neal Dunn (FL-02) supported the agreement reached by the Commerce Department and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to extend the federal Red Snapper season from three days in total to 39 days. The State of Florida has agreed to exchange Red Snapper fishing days in state waters during weekdays in the summer and weekends in the fall for the additional days in federal waters over the summer. The decision comes after Congressman Dunn, along with several other Gulf members of Congress, urged the Commerce Department to expand the 2017 private recreational Red Snapper season in federal waters.

“A three-day season was absurd, and was not consistent with the health and sustainability of the stock. Today’s announcement restores some sanity to the federal Red Snapper season. We pressed Washington for an expanded season and Washington listened,” Dr. Dunn said. “This decision provides relief this season while we work to fix what’s broken in recreational management of the Red Snapper fishery.”

Recently, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) announced a three-day 2017 Red Snapper season. Congressman Dunn urged Director Comstock of the Commerce Department to reconsider the short season in a letter last month. The letter was signed by 12 members who represent areas of the Gulf including Majority Whip Steve Scalise (LA-01). The group also held numerous conversations with the Commerce Department and Gulf state fish and wildlife agencies to affect this change. 

“I’m glad that the Commerce Department is letting common sense prevail for Florida anglers,” added Dr. Dunn.