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TALLAHASSEE, FL – Today, Congressman Neal Dunn (Florida-02) released the following statement after the United States Postal Service (USPS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) completed its comprehensive audit of postal facilities in Leon County at his request. This audit covered operations at the Tallahassee Processing and Distribution Facility as well as the Leon Station, Lake Jackson Station, and Westside Station Post Office locations. The investigation found numerous problems related to letter clearance times, delayed mail, improperly handled packages, timekeeping management, & property conditions.

“The Inspector General has confirmed what the people of North Florida already know, their regional USPS service is unreliable and does not meet the national standard,” said Congressman Dunn. “This unacceptable failure at USPS facilities has resulted in poor service, missing letters and packages, and other problems that have disrupted life for the entire community. I’m pleased that my office could deliver results for Leon County and help uncover these egregious flaws. I am grateful to the people of Tallahassee and Leon County Commissioner Brian Welch for working with me to address these inefficiencies, and I look forward to getting them resolved.”

“But our work has only just begun. I will continue to work with the USPS and local officials to ensure that the recommendations made by the Inspector General are implemented correctly to ensure the people of Leon County get the quality of service they deserve from the United States Postal Service.”

The audit of postal services in Leon County uncovered numerous problems at the regional processing and distribution facility and local Post Office locations. Among the myriad of issues uncovered by this investigation, the OIG found that the Tallahassee Processing and Distribution Facility:

  • Left thousands of pieces of mail behind on processing machines after daily operations were complete
  • Failed to consistently follow procedures for the handling and security of registry items
  • Made thousands of late outbound trips from the facility
  • Failed to meet its load scan goal

Local Post Offices in Leon County were also found to have significant shortfalls in service and major logistical problems. Problems at these facilities included:

  • Regular delivery delays
  • Failure to use Undelivered Mail Report documents to report undelivered mailpieces
  • Improper scanning and handling of packages
  • Failure to properly separate packages destined for other distribution centers
  • Substandard safety, security, and maintenance

Taken together, these problems have resulted in unacceptable delays in service to the Leon County community.

Read the full reports by the USPS Office of Inspector General below.